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2013-11-26Two-Week ISTE Workshop on Engineering Mechanics - IIT BombayView
2013-07-19Workshop on Clicker Usability in the Classroom on Aakash Tablet - IIT BombayView
2013-05-21Two days ISTE Workshop on Database Management Systems - IIT BombayView
2013-05-04Two-Week ISTE Workshop on Analog Electronics - IIT KharagpurView
2013-02-23Aakash Android Application Programming Workshop for Students - IIT BombayView
2013-02-04Workshop on MicrosoftView
2013-02-02Two days ISTE Workshop on Research Methods in Educational Technology - IIT BombayView
2013-01-10Workshop on Virtual LabsView
2013-01-03Workshop on Linux through Spoken Tutorial ProjectView
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