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S. No. Application Number Applicant(s) Name Title of Invention Field of Invention Publication Date
1. 202241004100 ShivShanker Singh Kanak Convergence of BlockChain and IoT for Secure Transportation Systems in Smart Cities Communication 04/02/2022
2. 202241000872
  • Dr. Rama Kant,
  • Ankur Sisodia,
  • Sanjiv Agarwal,
  • Sachin Upadhyay,
  • Sanjiv Kumar Singh,
  • Brijesh Kumar Gupta
  • Jayati Krishna Goswami, and
  • Santosh Kumar Swarnkar
Artificial Intelligence and IoT based Safe Route Detection and Evacuation through Ant-colony Optimization Electronics 21/01/2022
3. 202131060719 Brijesh Kumar Gupta System and Method for Managing Medication Bio-Medical Engineering 21/01/2022
4. 202141060681 Ms. Medha Khenwar A Novel Method for Deep Learning Architecture for Cognitive Examination Subscore Trajectory Prediction in Alzheimer's Disease Bio-Chemistry 21/01/2022
5. 202121004527 Dr. Neeta Awasthy Artificial Intelligence Based Smart Toilet for Elders and Physically Challenged People Mechanical Engineering 26/02/2021
6. 202011037761 Dr. Rama Kant Drone Aerial Vehicle: Drone Aerial Vehicle to Detect the Object and Provide the Notification Mechanical Engineering 09/10/2020
7. 202011037758 Dr. Rama Kant Voice Control Circuit Breaker: Intelligent Voice Control Circuit Breaker for Household Appliances Electronics 09/10/2020
8. 202011034751 Dr. Rama Kant Music Recommendation, Motion Sensors on Mobile Device Using Internet of Things (IOT) Computer Science 18/09/2020


Above mentioned patents can be verified at Indian Patent Advanced Research System