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Vice-Chairman's Message

Vice-Chairman's Message

I am confident about the Education being given at GLBGI. It has always inclined towards building character, sharpen intelligence and encourage free thinking. Along with this, the magnificent placements track grooved year after year by GLBians in premier corporate world have confirmed that path on which GL Bajaj is traversing is perfectly right and I believe that we will keep this continue to achieve our mission successfully in the coming years also.

Regular exposure of students to new knowledge, future trends through the timely organization of expert’s visit and guest lecturers are few of the many added advantages students are enjoying over here. On parallel track, regular classroom teaching, all kind of referral and research help in library, experimentation in the laboratories and personality development in seminar halls are some usual facilities being provided over here but in your own way.

It should not be sounded as boastful statement, If I say sanguinely that budding professionals of GLBGI will turn out as master pieces & valuable assets for industry who will prove themselves as champions competent enough to take on the toughest challenges ahead. Sure enough to promise, we are dispensing the responsibility of developing and nurturing the world-class skilled & dedicated technocrats and managers who are competent enough to meet the global challenges.
Pankaj Agrawal