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Placement Policy

Placement Guidelines & Policy

Dear Students,

We welcome you in the most significant phase of your academic journey. It is the time when you will gain your own recognition by showcasing your skills and competencies to the outside world. It is the time when you would be asked to exhibit what all you have learnt throughout your academic voyage and what you would be acquiring in future. Below are some of the Important Guidelines adhering to Campus Recruitment. Please go through them minutely and follow step by step.

Important Placement Guidelines

  • 1.Placement Information through official Mailers and WhatsApp group and other electronic media: It is the prime responsibility of students to check all the updates related to Campus Recruitment Drives, its eligibility, dates, venue etc. sent to them pre placement.
  • 2.Campus Placement registrations: It is mandatory for those students who are interested in taking up the employment/placement from the college to register his credentials at the very early start of the academic session so that the data base of the students can be prepared with diligence for the placement use at the later part of the year.
  • 3.Placement Process: All companies generally follow the following placement process
    • Presentation about the Company & Job Profile (PPT)
    • Written Exam (Aptitude / Technical Test)
    • Group Discussion (10 to 12 Students)
    • Technical Interview (One to One)
    • HR Interview
    • Verification of Documents
    • Any other as per the company request
  • 4.Pre-Placement Talk: It is mandatory for all Eligible Students to appear in the PPT of all Companies coming / doing virtual placements for Campus Recruitment wherever they stand eligible. Students will be given a choice to back out after the Presentation (PPT) of the company if they do not understand/ like the profile offered. No student will be allowed to back out from the company recruitment process after clearing the 1st round (i.e Written test). If any student found missing after the written test he / she will be strictly debarred from the entire placement season.
  • 5.Eligibility: All students need to ensure that they are meeting the eligibility criteria of the company as mentioned on the placement portal. All mark sheets are checked at the time of joining and if company founds that you have manipulated your marks / documents at the time of Campus Recruitment your job offer will be terminated and you name will be blacklisted forever.
  • 6.Data: All Students need to ensure that their Data is correctly entered at their respective CRC office. If there are any changes then they need to contact their Placement Officer immediately.
  • 7.Reporting Time: Students have to ensure that they report on time as mentioned in the mail of the placement drive. Students coming late will be strictly not allowed to appear in that process.
  • 8.Dress COde: Students have to wear proper business formals for every recruitment process. Students wearing casuals during recruitment process will be sent back.
  • 9.Folder: Students always have to carry one folder with them containing Hard Board, Mark sheets, Certificates, Passport Size Photos, Resumes & Stationery items like Pen, Pencil, Blank Sheets, Stapler, Glue Stick etc.
  • 10.ID Card: All students have to compulsorily carry their College I-Cards with them. Without I-card no students will be allowed to enter inside examination hall.
  • 11.Direct Interaction: Students are not allowed to contact Company / HR Delegates directly for any reason. If they are facing any problem they have to first contact their Placement Officer (CRC) and discuss their problem with them. Respective Placement Officers may consult the CRC person to resolve the issues instead of bringing insignificant issues before company representatives.
  • 12.Transport: Many a times it can happen that campus recruitment process can stretch till late night. All students have to inform this to their parents and have to arrange their own transportation/ and many a times their transport to the company for the off campus drive is extended by the company.
  • 13.Policy: GL Bajaj strictly follows One Student One Job Policy. But Students from Core branches will be given one additional job opportunity in their core domain. (For Eg. If any Mechanical student is placed in an IT company he / she will also be allowed to appear in his / her core companies till he gets one final job offer from Core Company. Similar rule is applicable for EC, CS, EE, IT, MCA, Civil, Mechanical etc .
  • 14.Dream Offer: First students to need to obtain one job in any related/ non related company to get qualified for the core companies.
  • 15.Joining: Joining schedule completely rests with the company’s discretion and market scenario. All students need to join on time as per the communication received from the Company.
  • 16.No Mobile Phone Use: Access to mobile phones is strictly not allowed inside the placement hall or where the process is going on.
  • 17.Strict Discipline: Strict discipline need to be followed by every student during the recruitment process. Any students found misbehaving or during misconduct will be debarred from the entire placement season. No casual talks or remarks should be extended by any students during the process or even after the process to company delegates.