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Placement Policy

Placement Guidelines & Policy

Dear Students,

We welcome you in the most significant phase of your academic journey. It is the time when you will gain your own recognition by showcasing your skills and competencies to the outside world. It is the time when you would be asked to exhibit what all you have learnt throughout your academic voyage and what you would be acquiring in future. Below are some of the Important Guidelines adhering to Campus Recruitment. Please go through them minutely and follow step by step.

Important Placement Guidelines

  • 1.Placement Information through official Mailers and WhatsApp group and other electronic media: It is the prime responsibility of students to check all the updates related to Campus Recruitment Drives, its eligibility, dates, venue etc. sent to them pre placement.
  • 2.Campus Placement registrations: It is mandatory for those students who are interested in taking up the employment/placement from the college to register his credentials at the very early start of the academic session so that the data base of the students can be prepared with diligence for the placement use at the later part of the year.
  • 3.Placement Process: All companies generally follow the following placement process
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