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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

GL Bajaj Group of Institutions has been brought into being solely for spawning the legion of farsighted professionals and astute technocrats, remaining always ahead to contribute meaningfully to the nation. Throwing sight on the prevalent state of affairs in the world, it becomes comprehensible that the burgeoning advancement in the arena of technology and astounding revolution in the field of information have breed a new range of challenges and coveting opportunities. For the youths aiming to live the glorious path of perfection and excellence, this is the right time to rise and hold the opportunity. And, GL Bajaj too taking this epoch a right moment to offer a parental hand to these path-seekers is all prepared to do whatsoever. The motive behind this yearning is just an insatiable wish, which I have lived with from my childhood. The desire that has been blazing within me from my early days is to hand on the world such a muster of skilled work force, who are able to collect bounty of applauses for their panache from the intellectuals around the world, and can make our India, a county of genius and masterminds. To fulfil this dream, since a decade and a half, GLBGI is doing its best through implementation of cutting edge technology in teaching-learning sequences.

Along with studding our technocrats with the finest acumens of Engineering & Technology, Architecture and Management at GL Bajaj, we inculcate human values and professional ethics too in our students enabling them in making decisions and creating new dimensions in societal interest. We strive to do so within a pleasant and intellectually stimulating environment aggrandized further with exposure of latest and advanced techniques supplemented with tremendous performance of our faculty.

We have carved out a distinct niche for R K Education Hub in Mathura and Greater Noida with seven colleges and one International School covering all streams. GL Bajaj, Mathura is not a mere addition of a feather in R K Education Hub’s crown, but a logical extension of our experience and expertise over 14 years of sheer hard work and meteoric growth.

It gives me a utmost pleasure to present GLBGI as a modern Gurukul to our nationals. I wish to assure you all that no efforts will be spared to bring the institute on the globe. From the core of my heart, I am thankful to all stakeholders who are steadily striving hard to establish GLBGI as one of the leading Technical Institution.

Dr. Ram Kishore Agrawal