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Admission Policy

Admission Policy

The GL BAJAJ GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS was established to enable students in India to study under the global system of education. In addition, GL BAJAJ will admit students from all over India and abroad.

While the GL BAJAJ admissions policy reflects this mandate, it also underscores our experience that a culturally diverse student body enriches the life of the college and our belief that the diversity should be maintained.

We set out to involve students, parents and staff as active partners in the learning process, in a relevant, engaging and challenging educational programme, through commitment, self reflection and continuous improvement. We therefore firmly believe transformation of GL BAJAJ Group of Institutions into leading No 1 Group of Institutions in Uttar Pradesh through transformation of students into most successful human beings.


  • Admission at GL BAJAJ Group of Institutions is irrespective of caste, creed, colour, and region.
  • Admission in any program at GL BAJAJ Group of Institutions is strictly on the basis of minimum eligibility as mentioned in program.
  • Admission in any program at GL BAJAJ Group of Institutions continues if their present any vacant seat in the respective program.
  • If any student withdraws his/her admission then admission against that vacant seat will be done on first come first serve basis.
  • All the admission seekers should read the Academic Honesty Policy and adapt it to follow.
  • The student has a successful history of Academic performance and appropriate personal conduct.
  • Prospective candidates should have potential to pursue quality education to be evaluated through written test and personal interview and subsequent written recommendation by respective head of the Institution.