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Transport Facilities

Transport Facilities, Policy & Bus Routes

Transport Rules (for students)

  • To avail the bus facility, student has to apply for the same in a prescribed form.
  • Institute issues a photo Bus-Pass to each & every bonafide bus user.
  • Bus facility is granted on first-come-first serve basis subject to availability of seat.
  • Bus facility is granted for an academic session (02 semesters) only. Student has to apply again to get the bus facility for succeeding academic sessions, if interested to continue.
  • The Bus-Pass is not transferable to any other person, in any circumstances. Student must ensure that Bus-Pass is kept secured and is not deliberately or inadvertently made available for use of any other person.
  • Student has to present his/her Bus-Pass on demand by authorized person. If he/she does not produce the pass on demand, he/she may not be allowed to board the bus or continue his/her journey.
  • Students are not allowed to board the bus other than the allotted one.
  • Bus will not wait for any student coming late to the bus stop. Every student should board the bus at his/her given boarding point.
  • A student found to be indulged/involved in any kind of indiscipline in bus or misbehaviour with driver/ faculty/staff/ students, will be subjected to disciplinary action against him/her OR may be debarred from the bus facility.
  • Students availing bus facility without paying Transport Fee or without appropriate permission will have to pay heavy fine, decided by college authority.
  • Replacement of Bus-Pass due to loss, damage, theft or change in bus stop will attract a charge, as determined by the Institute.
  • Bus Pass is Institute’s property. Students must have to return the same to the Institute for cancellation upon withdrawal / termination or successful completion of academic session.
  • Alteration, falsification or misuse of the student Bus-Pass is a violation of Code of Conduct and will be dealt accordingly including award of severe disciplinary action against him/her.
  • A student, who has lost his/her Bus-Pass, must report the same to the Transport In-charge of the Institute as soon as possible to invalidate the issued Buss-Pass and apply for a replacement by completing the appropriate application form. Until the loss is reported and the old Buss-Pass invalidated, the student may be held responsible for any unauthorised use of that Buss-Pass.
  • After the academic session as printed on the Bus-Pass, the student must no longer use the same.
  • Institute may not be in a position to drop the students in the regular stops but will drop at the nearest stop during examinations, guest lectures, additional classes, fests, etc.
  • The student may lodge complaint in writing to the Director through Proper-Channel for any issues related to the transport.

Transport Fee Policy

  • Transport Fees are charged considering 10 months in an academic session.
  • In the event of a student withdrawing from the transport facility before commencement of the class, the complete transport fee deposited by the student will be refunded after deducting Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred Only) towards processing charges.
  • In cases where withdrawal is submitted after the commencement of the classes, NO refund shall be made under any circumstances.
  • If a student found availing transportation facility in an unauthorized manner even for one day in a calendar month, then transport fee for that calendar month shall also be charged and seat will be given subjected to availability. Though, in second instance, Rs.500/- as penalty in addition to the transport fee shall be charged.

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