To blend Knowledge

with technology towards perfection



Chemistry Laboratory comprises of well-equipped and spacious laboratory for practical training in the subject. Spectrophotometer, PH meter, calorimeter, glass distillation unit, electric balance, electric oven, thermostatic water bath, thermostatic hot plates are some of the major equipments available in the lab. All glass apparatus are of standard borosil and quality reagents required for the practical are available in the laboratory in sufficient quantity.


Applied Science and Humanities department is well equipped with physics lab. Experimental physics is the foundation from which all our understanding of the universe must come. Without the capability to examine nature, even our majestic ideas are just assumption. Even if you plan to avoid experimental work in your career, you will need to understand the attribution of the data with which to test your theories.

Physics Laboratory is equipped with the following experiments:- Hall Effect set up with electromagnet, Energy Band Gap by four Probe Method, Polarimeter, Newton’s Rings Experiment, Nodal Slide Experiment, Fresnel’s Bi-Prism Experiment, Transmission Grating, Carey Foster’s Bridge, Stefan’s Law by Electrical Method, Variation of Magnetic Field, Ballistic Galvanometer, Hysterics Curve, p-n junction diode characteristics, Loss and NA measurement of an optical fiber, Study of polarization of light etc.

Students are prepared to learn physics fundamentals with step by step procedure, initially by preparing themselves for full-scale experiments, then doing a complete investigation using what they learnt in class and then choosing an experiment in a particular area, on which they work out how to do it.


The Department of Applied Science and Humanities also equipped with a full-fledged Language Lab. The lab has latest communication softwares which included licensed as well as free wares which offers a variety of functions such as Recording, High Speed Copying, Test Preparation, Intercom, Student Monitoring, Teacher/Student Call, Group Conferencing, etc. The main entity is connected to 30 listening booths which have been specially designed for student-teacher interaction, and greater concentration for language learning. The lab also has a large number of CD and books for all levels of beginners, intermediate and advanced. The lab is used by students belonging to the B. Tech. first year as well as by the second year onwards for personality development programs every semester.


Even though the institute doesn’t possess dedicated Electrical Engineering department, the basic Electrical Engineering lab for first year engineering students is setup to play a vital role in producing engineers of highest caliber ever since it was established. The Lab provides DC network experiments, AC circuits verifications, parameter determinations along with DC and AC machines for basic knowledge and workings. The lab facilities are upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for students and faculties to learn and innovate.